What are medical supplies

What are medical consumables? Medical consumables refer to consumable medical devices with a limited number of uses approved by the drug regulatory department, including disposable and reusable medical consumables. The following will explain in detail what medical consumables are.

Specialized agencies are responsible for procurement, and other departments may not purchase. The Measures clearly state that hospitals at or above Grade 2 should set up medical consumables management committees; other medical institutions should set up medical consumables management organizations. Other medical institutions such as village clinics (stations, stations), clinics, clinics, infirmaries, etc. may not have a medical consumables management organization, and personnel designated by the person in charge of the organization are responsible for medical consumables management.

The procurement of medical consumables is managed uniformly by the medical consumables management department. Other departments or departments shall not engage in the procurement of medical consumables, and shall not use medical consumables procured and supplied by non-medical consumables management departments.



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