Gongdong disposable medical supplies management system

1. Procurement of single-use sterile medical supplies:

(1) Disposable sterile medical supplies used in hospitals shall be purchased by the equipment department in a centralized manner, and each department shall not purchase by itself.

(2) The Equipment Section should organize the selection of manufacturers and operating companies, and report to the hospital to sign a contract for the purchase of disposable sterile medical supplies.

(3) When purchasing sterile medical supplies for single use, the equipment section shall check and obtain relevant certificates.

1. If the product is ordered and supplied by the manufacturer, the relevant documents such as the "Hygiene License", the qualified product sampling report by the legal sanitary inspection agency, and the batch inspection certificate of the manufacturing enterprise shall be checked and obtained.

2. If the distribution enterprise orders the supply, in addition to checking and obtaining the certificates specified in the preceding paragraph, it shall also check and obtain the "Medical Device Operation Enterprise License" of the distribution unit and the power of attorney of the manufacturing enterprise.

3. Procurement of imported single-use sterile medical supplies should check the "Medical Device Product Registration Certificate" issued by the State Drug Administration.

4. Relevant materials of disposable sterile medical supplies for each purchase shall be archived for the record.

(4) The equipment department shall check and accept the disposable sterile medical supplies purchased, and then check them before entering the warehouse.

(5) The equipment department shall register the purchased single-use sterile medical supplies in accordance with the stipulated requirements, and those that belong to the high-value category shall also carry out traceability tracking and registration.

2. Use of sterile medical supplies for single use:

(1) Purchased single-use sterile medical supplies should be stored on a shelf in a clean, suitable temperature and humidity warehouse with good ventilation. After removing the outer packaging, it should be placed in a sterile storage room and stored in a clean and dust-proof cabinet.

(2) Distribute sterile medical supplies for one-time use, strictly implement the trade-in system, and the distribution and recovery should be dynamic and consistent.

(3) Before using disposable medical equipment, medical personnel should check whether the small package is damaged, invalid, mildewed, whether the product is damaged, and whether the label is clear, etc., before using it without suspicious phenomena.

(D). During the use of single-use sterile medical supplies, if a pyrogen reaction, infection or other abnormal conditions occur, detailed records should be made, samples should be retained and sealed in time for inspection, and written to the hospital within 24 hours. Sense department and equipment department for record processing.

(5) When any unqualified or suspicious-quality product is found in each department, it shall be stopped immediately and reported to the equipment department within 24 hours, and shall not be returned or exchanged by itself.

3. Post-processing of disposable sterile medical supplies:

(1) The post-use treatment of sterile medical supplies for single use in each department shall be handled by a dedicated person.

(2) Disposable sterile medical supplies should be pre-disinfected and destroyed according to regulations in the use department.

(3) Disposable sterile medical supplies shall be sent to the supply room for centralized processing after being disinfected and destroyed in the department, and shall be registered and made in accordance with the regulations, and the handover signature shall be made.

(4) According to relevant regulations, the supply room will transfer the used disposable medical supplies to the special garbage station of Suining Central Hospital for disposal.

(5) Any department or individual shall not discard, sell or give away the disposable sterile medical supplies after use, nor mix them into ordinary household garbage, or allow them to be lost, otherwise, the relevant personnel shall be held accountable and dealt with seriously.

4. The hospital sense department, preventive health department, and nursing department conduct quarterly random inspections on the storage, use, and post-use disposal of disposable medical supplies in each department, and register the results of the random inspections for the record.



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