P1030 Medical Nursing Ware Anus Speculum

Medium proctoscope

•High quality

•Made from non toxic plastic with non-heavy metals, avoiding brittleness

•Strong and simple to use

•Supplied sterile individually packed

•Light guide for F.O. illumination

•Suitable for use with BiHex Ligator set

•Medium 53 x 26mm

•These are a 2 part protoscope with a removable central introducer.

•Proctoscopes are anal (Rectal Medical speculums)

•Clear plastic for complete & unobstructed feild of vision

Item No.SpecificationQuantity(Pcs)Measurement(cm)
P1030Anus Speculum,Small10048×30×32
P1031Anus Speculum,Medium10048×30×32
P1032Anus Speculum,Large10048×30×32

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